Kinot On Location | Tisha B’Av 5782

Mizrachi presents Kinot on Location, commentary at the sites where the tragedies occurred:
▪️ Introduction to Kinot – Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter ▪️ Kinah 1 – Southern Wall Excavations – Esti Herskowitz ▪️ Kinah 3 – Beitar – Eve Harow ▪️ Kinah 10 – Umm el-Umdan – Margalit Frydman ▪️ Kinah 14 – Shilo – Eve Harow ▪️ Kinah 21 – Midras – Shulie Mishkin ▪️ Kinah 22 – Brandenburg Gate – Rabbi Dovid Roberts ▪️ Kinah 25 – Burnt House – Rabbi Barnea Levi Selavan ▪️ Kinah 26 – Derech HaAvot – Franny Waisman ▪️ Kinah 27 – Sha’ar Ha’Ashpot – Rabbanit Shani Taragin ▪️ Kinah 31 – Overlooking Temple Mount – Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon ▪️ Kinah 47 – Ghetto Uprising Memorial – Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich ▪️ Kinah 48 – Yad Vashem – Rabbi Hanoch Teller ▪️ Kinah for the Martyrs of York – Clifford’s Tower – Rabbi Yonason Golomb

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Miriam Peretz: Heartbreak, Healing and Hope

Miriam Peretz lost her oldest son, Lieutenant Uriel Peretz, who was killed in southern Lebanon while serving in the IDF. Miriam’s second son Eliraz, joined the Golani Brigade, the same unit his deceased brother had served in. In 2010, serving on the Gaza border, Major Eliraz Peretz was killed. Their mother Miriam Peretz has become a symbol of faith and perseverance for millions within Israel and around the world.

An adapted version of this interview was published in HaMizrachi magazine:

Declaring a State

The Quorum That Changed Jewish History

Thursday, May 13th, 1948. A day which would alter the course of Jewish destiny.

During those turbulent times, as the leader of the Zionist movement, David Ben-Gurion had to grapple with several critical dilemmas.

Should an independent Jewish state be declared at this challenging time in Jewish history or should they accept the American proposition of a three-month ceasefire? Would such a declaration immediately plunge the nascent state into a fatal war? Could the small army of so many Holocaust survivors triumph against the might of the Arab world?

Learn about how Ben-Gurion, Rabbi Yehudah Leib Maimon, the leader of Mizrachi, and others, had the courage to declare the State of Israel.

Night 1: Aharon and the Menorah

Watch Hallel and Shammai as they talk about the Menorah.

Your challenge question is: What MATERIAL was the Menorah of the Chashmona’im made out of?

Hint: Listen carefully to Rav Doron from 2:00

When you think you know the answer, go to to enter it and unlock tomorrow night’s challenge…

Bonus hint: 2:23-2:28

Potted Plants During Shemitta

Shemitta in ShortChapter 3: Potted Plants During Shemitta

How do we deal with potted plants during Shemitta? Is it different if the plants are indoors or outdoors?

The third in a series of short, concise and practical videos on Shemitta, presented by Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon.

Presented by Moment of Wisdom in partnership with World Mizrachi.

The Power of Rachel’s Tears

What’s the point of feeling sad on Tisha B’Av? Is the goal just to wallow in the past and mourn over things we can’t change? Or is there more to it than that? What if mourning can actually be a redemptive and even a transformative experience?

In this inspiring video by Aleph Beta, Rabbi David Fohrman offers an exhilarating answer to this question based on Rachel Imenu. When she wept for her children, God listened. Watch to discover what Rachel’s story can teach us about using suffering as a catalyst for growth, on Tisha B’Av and every day of the year.

Aleph Beta is a nonprofit media company founded by Rabbi Fohrman. Check out their entire library of inspiring Tisha B’Av videos here.

Produced by Aleph Beta
Broadcast in partnership with MizrachiTV

How Is 17 Tammuz Relevant Today

In partnership with Aleph Beta.

The 17th of Tammuz is the tragic start to the Three Weeks, a period of intense mourning that culminates with Tisha B’av – the day the Temple was destroyed. And if that’s not enough, the Mishna lists even more calamities that took place on the 17th of Tammuz. Is it just a coincidence that all these terrible moments happened on the same day? Is the 17th of Tammuz just the Israelites’ bad luck day, or is there a common theme that runs throughout the events of this day?

Join Aleph Beta as we explore this tragic day in Jewish History and discover how these past events can have significant implications on our lives today.

Aleph Beta is a non-profit media company founded by world renowned Biblical scholar, Rabbi David Fohrman. Our vast library of Torah videos dive deep into the text to reveal incredible patterns and inspiring Divine wisdom, with real life takeaways. If you enjoyed this video, click here to check out Rabbi Fohrman’s video on Baseless Hatred, and our whole Three Weeks & Tisha B’Av video library.

Shattering of Symbols

How Does the Breaking of the Luchot Bring us Hope?

A visit to the Israel Museum in a search for what we gained from the broken stone tablets.

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Food for Thought – Shavuot

Celebrity Chef Jamie Geller welcomes World Mizrachi’s Rabbanit Shani Taragin into her kitchen to prepare Shavuot dishes for the body and the soul.

🍽️ (Pitta)

Tekes Ma’avar (Transition Ceremony)

A Transition Ceremony from Yom HaZikaron to Yom HaAtzmaut with heartfelt commemoration and uplifting celebrations.

Rabbi Doron Perez – Introduction to Yom Hazikaron
Mrs Miriam Peretz
IDF Chief Cantor Shai Abramson and IDF Choir – El Male Rachamim Prayer
Rabbi Doron Perez – Conclusion of Yom Hazikaron
Rabbi Doron Perez – Introduction to Yom Haatzmaut
Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau & Prayer for the Israeli Defence Forces
The Maccabeats – Megillat Ha’atzmaut
Chief Rabbi David Lau & Prayer for the State of Israel

Meet Pharaoh & Revisit the Ten Plagues

Join tour guide Nachliel Selavan on a virtual tour of Ancient Egypt and the British Museum.

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