Night 1: Aharon and the Menorah

Watch Hallel and Shammai as they talk about the Menorah.

Your challenge question is: What MATERIAL was the Menorah of the Chashmona’im made out of?

Hint: Listen carefully to Rav Doron from 2:00

When you think you know the answer, go to to enter it and unlock tomorrow night’s challenge…

Bonus hint: 2:23-2:28

Potted Plants During Shemitta

Shemitta in ShortChapter 3: Potted Plants During Shemitta

How do we deal with potted plants during Shemitta? Is it different if the plants are indoors or outdoors?

The third in a series of short, concise and practical videos on Shemitta, presented by Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon.

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